What is Velashape II?

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Velashape two is the new generation of Velashape, it is FDA approved and is used for circumferential reduction; that is it is specifically designed as a treatment for reducing your waist size. The main advantage it has is that, unlike the original Velashape, the Velashape II machine also gets rid of the fat in the deeper tissues, as well as the tissues closer to the surface. It also has two further advantages; the first is that the machine is 20% stronger than its predecessor which means that your sessions will be shorter, and secondly, it has a user interface which means that you have far more power over adjustments of strength. The Velashape II system also allows you to use it on other parts of the body, such as the upper arms, something that the other system could not do.

If you have had your planned pregnancies and are having trouble getting rid of your baby fat, then all the signs seem to point to Velashape being a non-surgical option. Unlike Abdominoplasty it is a safe procedure that can be done in an afternoon in a number of sessions. It can help bring back the curves you had before your pregnancy and, along with reversing any excess fat you might have gained, it smooths the skin so that it looks even better and younger. Also it is far cheaper than any of the surgical options. This means that you can afford to have it more than once if you need it, though you need to remember that you will need to have it a number of times for the full effect to be seen. So while Velashape may not be the miracle cure that we are looking for in the fight against fat, all these advantages, including the fact that there are almost no side effects or risks, means that Velashape definitely worth looking into. Especially, when you are finding it difficult to get rid of any additional fat from pregnancy.

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