Suitable Candidates for Velashape

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Before deciding whether you are a candidate for the procedure, you need to answer one simple question; do you feel as though you need to lose some weight off the lower half of your body? If you answered yes to this question then there is the distinct possibility that you might be a candidate for the procedure. You need to remember, however, that this is not the only question that you need to ask yourself before deciding to go ahead and have Velashape. The ideal candidate would be in their early twenties, will have had all of their planned pregnancies, and will be in reasonable shape. The last is important as it meant that you will be able to keep the results for longer and you will also get better visible results. There are, however, a number of problems that might mean that you are not completely suitable and should seek advice from your GP before going ahead. These problems are listed below.


It is recommended that you do not have any metal in your body or a pace-maker as this can affect and be affected by the procedure.

General Health

You should also be in good health before thinking about having the procedure. This includes you doing regular exercise, and eating a healthy diet.

Broken Skin

The final issue you need to think about when deciding whether you are a good candidate or not, is whether you have any broken skin over the area you are intending to have procedure done. If you do then it would be best to wait until it has healed, otherwise there is the possibility of additional damage being done.  The next initiative that was pushed through parliament came in 1946 (though it was not actually enacted until 1948) with the National Health Act 1946. It was this act that formally created the NHS and made it accountable to the secretary of State for Health. Since 1948, the NHS has provided all tax payers with free health care.

On top of this, before you decide whether you are a suitable candidate or not, you first need to think about what it is you want to change. This is because there is the possibility that the part of you that you want to lose the weight off may not be affected by Velashape, or it may be a part of the body that it is not safe to use it on. If, however, this is not the case then there is the possibility that Velashape may be for you and you may be a fully suitable candidate.

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