Side Effects of Velashape

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There are a number of side effects that you need to be aware of when choosing to have the Velashape procedure; though you should remember that they are, for the most part minor, or even non-existent. There are a number of potential side effects, these include; the possibility of scabbing or blistering of your skin (though this only occurs if you have very loose skin). This is not very common, though if it does occur then it is easily treatable and you do not even need to stop the treatment; if it occurs then your specialist will normally lower the levels of energy that they are using. A further side effect is the possibility of mild bruising under the skin or redness, though they both only last for a short period of time. A final side effect is the possibility of a burn, though this is rare. However, like all burns, there is the possibility of infection. If this happens then you will need to see you doctor who will normally give you antibiotics to take.

How to minimalize the side effects

These are the main side effects that you are likely to encounter. However, they can be minimalized through listening to your practitioner. This is because they know what you will need to do to make sure you get as few of the side effects as you can, also, if they are experienced then they are likely to have seen most of the potential side effects and know how to deal with them and even prevent them from happening. Finally, it is important that if you have any of the side effects mentioned above (and any that aren’t) that you get in touch with either your Velashape practitioner, or your GP as soon as they develop; do not wait for them to get out of control as this will only make it harder for them to help you and to treat the problem. 

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