Colonic Irrigation (hydrotherapy) in Manchester

Colonic irrigation is also called colonic hydrotherapy and it is a generally very safe method aimed at removing unwanted products from the bowel. The treatment is designed to make you feel clean and refreshed. Sometimes in colonic irrigation, coffee, enzymes or herbs may be added to the water, although more often than not, it is just plain clean water that is used.

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The substances generally removed during colonic irrigation are faeces, dead tissue, accumulated mucus, worms and parasites. If these products accumulate in the colon over a long period of time, they can occasionally cause health problems due to toxicity.

Clinics offering Colonic Irrigation in Manchester


The Ki Clinic

55a Chapel Street
Tel: 01257 239944 / 07895 620614

Colonic Clinics atThe Lowry Hotel

50 Dearmans Place
Chapel Wharf
M3 5LH
Tel: 0844 4120459 / 01270 610123

Total Fitness in La Bonita Spa

6-8 New Ellesmere Approach
Ellesmere Retail Park
M28 3EE
Tel: 0844 4120459 / 01270 610123