Find Laser Eye Surgery Clinics

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There are three main chains of laser clinics and many individual laser eye surgery clinics, throughout the UK and Ireland. To find a specific laser surgery clinic in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, select your nearest town or select a clinic.


Alongside booking a free consultation, most laser eye surgery clinics offer free information packs about the procedure, which are a good idea so that you can learn more about what the process entails. When you finally decide to go ahead with laser eye surgery, you should talk to your family and decide on a date for an initial consultation that is good for you. You should aim to take a few days off work after the procedure and someone to take you to and from the clinic. If you have a fair distance to travel to have your laser eye surgery, you may want to book a night in a hotel, as your ophthalmologist will want to examine your eye the day after your surgery to check it is healing ok.

It is important that before deciding to go ahead with the laser eye surgery, you are aware of all the possible side effects and complications. Even though it is highly unlikely that any problems will occur, it is best to be prepared.