Zyoptix Laser Eye Surgery

Zyoptix is a new type of personalised LASIK procedure from Bausch and Lomb. It involves the use of wavefront technology in a machine called a Zywave aberrometer along with Orbscan to scan the front of your cornea and produce a map of any irregularities that are specific to your eye. It also determines the specific anatomy of your eye, which it adds into the map. Using this map, the computer that controls the laser in the procedure can precisely correct the surface of your cornea, giving you perfect vision. It is also able to compensate for the natural movements of your eye during the procedure, by using ACE, advanced control of eye movements. Zyoptix can also detect irregularities within your cornea that lead to problems known as ‘higher order aberrations.’ These are symptoms such as glare, halo's and starbursts that occur when you look at light sources. The Zyoptix system is able to detect these problems and correct them, hopefully decreasing their occurrence following laser eye surgery. In fact recent research has shown that the Zyoptix system significantly decreases the occurrence of night time symptoms compared to the standard LASIK procedure. This system aims to personalise laser vision correction, so that everyone gets the best possible outcome following surgery.

The zyoptix procedure is ideal for you if you have an unusual pupil, a high prescription or a large level of astigmatism. There are two main advantages to the zyoptix guided operation:

Saved Tissue

The Zyoptix system allows ophthalmologists to produce much thinner cuts in the cornea than previously. This enables people who would have been unsuitable due to having a thin cornea to now have laser vision correction. This is approximately 25% of people. Over 98% of patients achieve 6/6 vision after Zyoptix treatment.

Zyoptix Aspheric

This allows patients who have higher prescriptions to have laser vision correction. It involves using the Zyoptix system to correct all the irregularities on the surface of the cornea. It is not suitable for everyone, as it removes about 15% more tissue then the tissue saving option. This can decrease the night time symptoms associated with the standard LASIK system by helping to maintain the natural curvature of the cornea. It has also been shown to increase contrast sensitivity.

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