Benefits of Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery

What is the advantage of Wavefront technology?

The advantage to having wavefront guided LASIK is that the procedure is tailored specifically to your eyes. In standard LASIK and LASEK procedures, after doing initial scanning and tests, the eye is corrected depending upon the prescription you have in your glasses. This is fine in around 95% of cases, but due to its standardised nature, sometimes the results can be not as good as would have been hoped for in the other 5%.

The main problem with the standard procedures such as LASIK and LASEK is that they can’t detect or correct higher order aberrations as well as the wavefront procedure can. These aberrations are responsible for making the outcomes of surgery less desirable, often causing night time symptoms such as glare and starbursts. By using a wavefront scanner, ophthalmologists can ensure that the results of the surgery are as good as possible for the last 5% of patients.

Wavefront ensures that the LASIK procedure is done exactly to your own eyes specifications, by scanning it initially using wavefront technology. The map that is produced is entirely unique and helps to guide the laser during the procedure. This ensures that your cornea is shaped perfectly to correct your vision, instead of using a standard correction procedure in normal LASIK. Not only does the procedure correct your vision, but it also increases the sharpness and contrast of the images you see.

Who should have Wavefront guided LASIK?

In short, if you have a different shaped eye to normal (as many of us who require glasses do), wavefront may be the technology for you. It is also a good option if you have a thinner cornea than normal, as the targeted removal of tissue prevents excessive thinning.  The major advantages to the wavefront guided procedure are that:

  • It is the best type of vision correction procedure
  • There are a lower incidence of side effects
  • There is less chance of you needing enhancement surgery
  • There is less risk of having post operative night time symptoms

How much does Wavefront cost?

The wavefront guided LASIK procedure is naturally more expensive that the standard LASIK and LASEK procedures. Your ophthalmologist will be able to advise you as to which treatment will give you the best possible outcome. For any more information on the procedure, contact your local laser eye surgery clinic.

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