Laser Eye Surgery Abroad

Is it Cheaper?

In some cases, laser eye surgery may be cheaper abroad. This will depend upon the individual clinics and also the current exchange rate. Some professionals advise against going abroad for treatment, as some countries do not have the high standard of medical training or surgical experience that we have in the UK. There are also not always the same high standards of technology, or the registration procedures that are required in the UK. Effectively this means that the person who performs your treatment may not be adequately trained. Even though the initial cost may seem cheaper, you must take into account both the exchange rate and travel costs. You would also need to check to see what your travel insurance covers, to see whether you are covered for medical costs should anything go wrong. 

However, many surgeons and clinics throughout Europe and the rest of the world, do offer a very high standard of treatment and care and you will find that many surgeons trained abroad offer laser eye surgery in the UK.  Many people in the UK do decide to save money and travel to places in Europe or further away such as India, for laser eye surgery. 

Risks if Laser Eye Surgery Abroad

If you do decide to travel abroad for laser eye surgery, you must be aware that problems also arise during aftercare when you need to have checkups or if something goes wrong with your sight. If you have returned to the UK, you may have to foot the cost of further checkups, procedures and medications if you need them. Had you had the first treatment in the UK, it is likely that enhancement surgery would be covered in the aftercare costs, saving you money and hassle.

You may also find your recovery problematic as it may be very bright where you decide to have your treatment but 1000’s of people still do have laser eye surgery in India and other hot countries, without problem and you can quite easily invest in a pair of sunglasses!

Overall, even though the initial procedure may be cheaper, the aftercare and follow up treatment costs may make the whole experience a more expensive and stressful. It therefore may be better to have surgery in the UK, where clinics and surgeons are adequately qualified and the procedure and aftercare are to an exceptionally high standard.  At the same time, it is also prudent to point out that 1000’s of people have laser eye surgery abroad and that serious risks and complications following surgery, are quite rare.

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