Laser Eye Surgery for Hyperopia (long sight)

People who suffer from long sightedness have problems viewing objects that are close to them, such as reading a book or a newspaper. This is due to the image of the object being focussed behind the retina, hence causing the image to blur. This condition, just like myopia has several different causes, the main two are a decrease in the refractive power of the eye, or the eye just being too small. The blurring only affects images from objects that are close, as these images require the most bending to become focussed. As people with hyperopia have a low refractive power, they cannot focus the image correctly. Images from distant objects require little bending and therefore remain focussed.

This common eye condition can effectively be cured by the use of a laser to re-shape the surface of the cornea. By producing a larger slope on the sides of the cornea, the ophthalmologist can increase the refractive power of the eye, restoring its ability to focus images from near objects. This laser eye surgery procedure, is commonly used to correct long sightedness.

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