How much does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

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Laser eye surgery varies in price, depending upon the type of surgery you want and where you want it doing. Most clinics offer standard LASIK treatment starting at £395, with wavefront guided treatment starting from £795, however this price can be misleading. When clinics say the price starts at £395 it is almost likely that isn’t what you will end up paying, unless you have a very low prescription and require little correction. Generally, the more correction your eye requires, the more expensive your treatment will be. Other clinics choose to list prices as a one off price that stays the same no matter what your correction needs. It is important that you choose a clinic you feel comfortable with, which has not only a good price, but well trained and experienced ophthalmologists.

There are a number of different procedures that are essentially modified LASIK operations. These obviously vary in price and are more expensive than the standard procedure. The wavefront guided procedure starts from £1,500 per eye depending on where you decide to have it done. The most expensive type of LASIK procedure is the bladeless form called Intralase. The prices for this procedure start from around £1,695 per eye. It is important that when you go for your initial consultation to find out the prices for the different procedures. They will vary depending on the clinic, laser used and the aftercare. As always you should check to see what is included in the aftercare.

Another modified LASIK surgery procedure called Epi-LASIK is available at some clinics, depending on their size and equipment level. On average Epi-LASIK prices start from £800 per eye including aftercare.

PRK or photo refractive keratectomy costs around £700 to £1000 per eye and should as always include sufficient aftercare.

Other corrective procedures include Laser Thermal Keratoplasty (LTK), which costs £1,000 per eye and PTK, for around £900 per eye.

Please note that there are rough price guides.

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