Getting ready for Laser Eye Surgery

If you decide to go ahead with the laser eye surgery, there is very little that needs to be done to prepare for the treatment. If you wear contact lenses, the advice before the initial exam is usually:

  • Soft Contact Lenses – Don’t wear from 2 weeks before exam
  • Rigid Gas Permeable or Toric lenses (astigmatism correction) – Don’t wear for 3 weeks prior to exam.
  • Hard Lenses – Must not be worn for a month prior to exam.

Following the exam, you will probably be told not to wear your contact lenses at all, as they can change the shape of your eyes before surgery. A few days before the procedure is scheduled, it is a good idea to stop using any eye makeup or lotions and follow any instructions that you have been given by your surgeon. You should also make sure someone can take you to and from the laser eye clinic on the day and help look after you on the night.

You will be advised not to bath or shower for at least a day or so after laser eye surgery and so it may be an idea to wash your hair before the appointment. You will obviously need to avoid getting things in your eye and so hair cuts and facial treatments must be avoided, by having them done before the surgery.

Many people feel very anxious and even scared, before laser eye surgery. This can be completely normal and by talking to friends, family and the team at the laser eye surgery clinic, you can feel more relaxed and mentally prepare yourself for the treatment. It may be an idea to take a little time off work but this is not always possible.

By following the precautions outlined above, you can ensure that you are as well prepared for laser eye surgery as possible. The day you are booked in for your surgery can be a nervous and stressful time. To help overcome this, the next article will detail what you should expect on the day.

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