Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in Redcar

If you would like to know how laser eye surgery can improve your eye sight, contact laser eye surgery clinics in Redcar.  There are various treatments and types of surgery available for your eyes including:

  • Laser eye surgery clinics in Redcar offering Lasik, Lasek & PRK laser eye surgery
  • Laser eye surgery clinics offering new bladeless Intralase laser eye treatment
  • Laser eye surgery clinics offering the lastest wavefront laser vision correction
  • Eye surgery clinics that offer alternatives to laser treatment including Phakic IOL’s, INTACS & Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)
  • Eye clinics that offer treatment for presbyopia as well as short sight & long sight

To book a free consultation with a Redcar laser eye surgery clinic, use the contact details below.


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Vision correction through Lasik and other types of laser eye surgery, can have a dramatic effect on your life and help rid or reduce your dependancy on glasses and contact lenses. However, the surgery can cost £1000's and it is important that you make the right decision, for you. It may help to speak with your optician at your next eye test and seek their opinion. Some opticians can help put you through to laser clinics or even arrange a free consultation. Below is a list of local opticians.

E G E Hall Opticians

163-165 High Street
TS10 3AN
Tel: 01642 482096
0.3 miles away from Redcar

Boots Opticians

58 High Street
TS10 3DR
Tel: 01642 490655
0.4 miles away from Redcar

Alison Hargreaves Opticians

3 West Dyke Road
TS10 3EA
Tel: 01642 487 917
0.5 miles away from Redcar

Specsavers Opticians

57 High Street
TS10 3BZ
Tel: 01642 491234
0.5 miles away from Redcar

Campbell & McDearmid Opticians

42 Station Road
TS10 1AG
Tel: 01642 483611
0.6 miles away from Redcar

Alison Hargreaves Optician

5 Redcar Road
TS11 6AA
Tel: 01642 485 084
2.1 miles away from Redcar

S H Reily

33 Milton Street
TS12 1DN
Tel: 01287 622889
3.9 miles away from Redcar

Alison Hargreaves Opticians

107 High Street
TS12 2DY
Tel: 01287 650 655
4.7 miles away from Redcar