People need to broaden their vision when it comes to laser eye surgery

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Everyday people are turned away from Lasik eye surgery; be it they have too thinner corneas, cataracts, large pupils…the list is endless. This means every day people give up hope that they can receive the vision that they want without the aid of glasses. However, Dr Gulani, as defined by Goldline Research as one of the United States leading laser eye surgeons, offers the possibility that all is not lost.

Undoubtedly, Lasik eye surgery is one of the leading forms of eye surgery for those seeking sight without glasses and contact lenses. However, there are many criteria one must fit into before being eligible for this type of surgery. What Dr Gulani tries to emphasize is that there are nearly forty more surgeries available and the likelihood is that at least one of them will be suitable for your eyes. Nearly everyday we hear of a new advance in medicine that could revolutionize our eye care; last week we heard of the bionic eye, this week the light-adjustable lens. And all of this news provides hope to hundreds of people who suffer from various different eye diseases and injuries.

Gulani stresses that people should not give up hope at the first sign of rejection from eye surgery; if you have a thin cornea; you could instead get a contact lens placed permanently into your eye. Equally, Gulani himself performed a miraculous surgery back in 2005 where he successfully restored an 85-year-old woman’s visual impairment with an artificial corneal transplant. Gulani added himself to the revolutionary list of surgeons as he made a cornea out of a polymer due to there being a vast shortage of corneas. He described his surgery as “the future of eye surgery”.

With there being nearly forty different surgeries available, perseverance is the key in finding the right one for you. It is just a case of speaking to your optician, doctor and other specialists over what surgery would be suited to you and your eyes. 

Saturday 12th December 2009