Facts about Laser Eye Surgery

Many people find themselves intimidated by laser eye surgery. Despite it being a complex process from the outset, people heading to get laser eye surgery, will actually be surprised at just how simple it can be. Here are a few facts about the procedure in order for you to understand the not-so-new-fangled concept, helping you make the right decision for you if you suffer from short- or long-sightedness, or even astigmatism.

Whether you are long sighted or short sighted, whether you can’t see objects that are far or near, laser eye surgery can be used to reshape your cornea so that your vision is dramatically improved. Prior to the procedure, drops of local anaesthetic are placed in the eye and a knife is then used to lift a flap in the cornea. Through the exposed area, laser pulses then vaporise a portion before the flap is replaced. Patients need to wear an eye patch for 24 hours and usually go for one eye at a time, allowing them to see throughout the period of rest and relaxation. This usually lasts around three or four days, meaning time off work is kept to a minimum.

Ultimately, the aim is to have 20/20 sight restored - perfect for anyone wanting to become a fighter pilot, but wonderful for anyone wanting to see the world as nature intended.

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