Can I Afford Laser Eye Surgery?

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There is no getting around it, laser eye surgery can be very expensive due to the level of expertise and technology that is required. It is important in this day and age that you can afford the treatment and don’t get yourself into too much debt just to have it done.

The average price for LASIK surgery is at least £1000 per eye, with prices rising depending on the clinic and type of procedure (i.e. if it is wavefront guided). This procedure has been around for the longest amount of time and can be the cheapest. Alternatives to laser eye surgery also cost upwards of the £1200 mark, depending on which one you have and where you have it. Nowadays many banks offer affordable loans that you could use to finance the procedure. Some clinics offer finance plans that are usually charged at 0% interest for a number of years, so it is worth checking these out. The big three clinics now offer ‘pay nothing until’ deals whereby you can have the procedure and then pay a few years later allowing you to save up to pay for it. If you still feel that this is still too expensive, they also offer 0% finance on the balance after that period of time. All these options are available to everyone, in the hope that we all can be free from glasses and contact lenses.

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