What aftercare does a laser clinic offer me, after Laser Eye Surgery?

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The amount and level of aftercare depends entirely upon the clinic and the procedure you have. Some clinics offer lifetime after care, whereas others only offer two years. It tends to be the larger clinics that offer the full lifetime aftercare. It is important that you know what the clinic will give you, as further treatment such as enhancement surgery can be very costly. In some cases, you may find that after your operation, your vision may deteriorate or you may have problems. The majority of clinics will give you some level of aftercare, however what is included in this varies greatly. Some clinics will include everything in the aftercare price, even enhancement surgery and further procedures if you need them. Other clinics usually offer follow up appointments with your ophthalmologist, however sometimes they do not include enhancement surgery in the package. This can be very costly if you need it.

All the laser eye surgery centres should offer free emergency aftercare should you find that anything goes wrong. It is important that you check what is included in the aftercare package and how long it lasts for as you may be unlucky enough to need it.

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