My Vision has changed recently, can I have Laser Eye Surgery?

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Laser eye surgery is a very serious undertaking and if not done correctly can seriously affect your vision, even causing permanent problems. To prevent any deterioration in your vision following the procedure, there are a number of exclusions. These are in place to ensure that you get the best possible results following your treatment. These include that you must be over 21 years old, not pregnant, fit and well without a history of serious eye disease. One of the more important parts you must fulfil to be suitable for laser eye surgery is that your prescription should have been stable for the past two years. This is to ensure that when your eye is corrected, your vision is not going to change for the worse later on down the line, as once the laser is used it cannot be reversed. If you had the procedure and then your vision changed, you would need to wear glasses or contact lenses. You may also not be suitable to undergo another eye operation. It is therefore better to wait and have one round of surgery, than to rush into it and run the risk of damaging your eyes even further.

For more information on any of the restrictions for laser eye surgery, read unsuitability for laser eye surgery.




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