Will I be able to drive after Laser Eye Surgery?

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To be able to drive in the UK, your eyesight must be good enough to read a car number plate at a distance of approximately 20 feet. When you have laser eye surgery, the doctor will change the shape of your eye so that it is a perfect shape for focussing images. During the operation, your vision will become very blurry. After the surgery, your vision should return, however it may still be a little blurry. It is therefore a good idea to wait for a week or so until your vision has fully returned before you consider driving again. This is still a good idea even if your vision has returned straight away following surgery. Throughout this time you should make sure you follow any advice given to you by your doctor to help your eye heal. They will also be able to give you information about when you will be able to drive again, depending on the type of operation you have had. Driving requires a high level of vision and risks should not be taken.

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