I have Dry Eye’s, will they get worse with Laser Eye Surgery?

There are a number of complications and side effects that can arise following laser eye surgery. One of these is dry eye as well as infections and irritation.

The front of the eye has a special covering called the epithelium. Within the epithelium and cornea are special cells that can sense when the eye is becoming dry. They are also present in the eyelids. Normally when the eye becomes dry these cells tell the tear ducts to release tears into the eyes to help lubricate it. The tears are not only responsible for keeping the eye moving freely, but also to prevent your eye from getting infected. When you have laser eye surgery, the laser can sometimes damage the cells within the front of the eye, preventing tears from being released when they should. This can cause excessive dry eye following the operation.

It is important to note that the dry eye does not occur after every laser eye procedure. It is a side effect of treatment and only happens very infrequently. Even if you do suffer from dry eye before treatment, this doesn’t mean that you will get it following the procedure. It is very treatable with special eye drops that keep your eye lubricated. The main problem with not producing enough tears is that it can lead to an increased incidence of eye infection, which is usually easily treated. To assess your suitability for laser eye surgery please make an appointment at a laser eye clinic.

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