When will I be able to wear eye makeup, after having Laser Eye Surgery?

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Having eye surgery is an invasive process that can take up to a month to recover from. Throughout this time, your eye can be very sensitive and become irritated very easily, which can lead to problems such as infection and dry eye. If these aren’t treated they can cause your vision to become blurry and cloudy.

Once your laser eye surgery is finished and you are allowed home, you will be given a list of things you can and can’t do to help your eye recover. It is a good idea not to wear makeup until at least two weeks following surgery, as makeup can seriously irritate your eye, sometimes leading to more serious problems.

After the two week period is up you will be able to start to wear makeup again. It is best to start with very light eye makeup at first. Your eye doctor will be able to give you more information about the types of makeup you can wear and when you can wear it.

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