Do I need someone to look after me following Laser Eye Surgery?

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Laser eye surgery aims to correct your vision in a matter of hours. Procedures such as LASIK and LASEK involve your ophthalmologist using a laser to reshape your cornea by vaporising parts of it. The aim is to produce a perfectly spherical cornea, to return your vision to normal 6/6 or’20/20’. During the procedure, part of your cornea will be peeled back, during which time you will experience very blurry vision. After the operation is done, it will be replaced at which time you may be able to see very well or your vision may still remain blurry. It really does differ between individuals so don’t worry if your vision is still not right. Over the rest of the day you still may not be able to see well, it is for this reason that ophthalmologists advise that you have someone to help get you home and look after you on the day of surgery.

Your vision should return to near normal over a period of 2 to 3 days depending on the type of surgery, however it can take up to a few months in some cases.

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