Will my insurance policy cover Laser Eye Surgery or any of the appointments?

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Unfortunately your insurance will not pay for any of your appointments or the procedure itself. This means that you will have to pay for all of the operation, including any of the aftercare you need that isn’t included in the price itself. There are many ways you can afford to have laser eye surgery that won’t break the bank. Firstly, many banks will offer you loans with a very low rate of interest that could be a good way to fund the operation. Even though this may be an affordable way, you will still end up paying more money than you needed to for the procedure. Many laser eye vision clinics have overcome this by offering 0% finance on all their procedures, allowing you to not pay any interest on the cost of the operation. This helps to make laser eye surgery a lot more affordable. Recently, many clinics have introduced a payment break, whereby you can have the procedure, and not pay anything until two years after the operation. Even then the balance will still be subject to 0% finance. So fortunately even though your insurance won’t pay, you may still be able to afford to have this potentially life changing operation.

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