If I have laser eye surgery, will me eyesight get worse again, later in life?

This is a vital question that you should consider before you decide to go ahead with laser eye surgery. These operations in some form or another have been available since 1992 and even though they have changed over time, the principle of correcting you vision with a laser remains the same. People who had the surgery back in 1992 have reported little change or problems in their vision over the period. Even though there have been few instances of vision deterioration, it doesn’t mean that your eyesight will definitely remain constant. You should be aware of the problems that can occur with eye surgery, including

Even though your eyesight may not deteriorate, you could experience any number of the symptoms above. These problems could require further treatment, however some may resolve on their own. Should you develop any of these you should inform your ophthalmologist immediately.

As with all the laser eye surgery procedures, if your vision does start to become worse you may need enhancement surgery to correct it. This can cost as much as the initial procedure, but may be worth it. This type of surgery is even covered in some aftercare packages.

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