Do serious medical conditions affect Laser Eye Surgery?

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As with any operation, the procedure itself and the recovery period can be very stressful and strenuous. It is advisable that you are as fit and well as can be before having laser eye surgery, so that your body can recover fully. Many diseases can hinder how well you heal following your operation, leading to problems with your vision. This can also lead to side effects such as dry eye, irritation and recurrent infection.

Conditions such as diabetes and autoimmune disease can be serious deciding factors in whether you should have laser eye surgery. Diabetes can lead to you developing diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma, both of which are contraindications for laser eye surgery. Both diabetes and autoimmune disease can stop your eye healing well following surgery, often increasing your risk of developing eye infections. Even if you do have a serious medical condition, there are other procedures you may be able to have to correct your vision, depending on your condition and level of prescription.

There are a number of conditions that rule you out of having laser eye surgery, as having the procedure can seriously affect your vision. For more information as to whether you are suitable, please contact your local laser eye clinic.

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