What will happen if I move my eyes during Laser Eye Surgery?

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Laser eye surgery relies on changing the shape of your cornea by using a laser. When you have the operation, the eye surgeon will use a laser to make your cornea more regular in shape. When the laser is on, you will be asked to look at a little dot of light to prevent your eye from moving. If your eye moves in the procedure, the surgeon may remove too much of your cornea, which could cause problems after the operation. Thankfully problems like this are a thing of the past due to new technology that is used today. Recently, machines have been made that can track the position of your eye throughout the operation. The first type stops the laser if your eye moves, only allowing it to restart once your eye is back in the first position. The second type is able to monitor where your eye is and compensate for it in the position and power of the laser. Both of these prevent your eye from being over or under corrected. For more information on these machines, please contact your local laser eye clinic.

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