How much pain will I experience during and after Laser Eye Surgery?

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Laser eye surgery is a very quick procedure that should not be too painful. Usually it involves making a flap in the front part of your eye called the cornea before your ophthalmologist can reshape the underlying layer with a laser. This hopes to correct your vision problem so that you don’t have to wear corrective eyewear anymore.

Before the procedure, you will be given two drugs to help you relax and help to prevent you from feeling any pain. The first one is a tablet to help you relax and remain calm throughout the operation. This can also help you to keep your eye still when the laser is being used. The second and probably the most important drug is a local anaesthetic eye drop that is given before the operation. This will completely numb your eye, lasting throughout your procedure and for a few hours afterwards.

Once your operation has been finished your eye will be covered up and you will be allowed home with help. Throughout this time you will be able to use over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol to help decrease any of the pain you feel.

Some people do report severe pain after laser eye surgery, but this a rare occurrence and depends on the type of laser eye surgery performed.

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