I am scared of having laser eye surgery, what should I do?

Don’t worry, many people feel worried and apprehensive about having surgery as some operations can be painful and time consuming. The best way to try and combat any anxiety you may have is to read about the surgery and speak to people. A lot of fear comes from not knowing what is going to happen in the operation, so by reading/talking about it, you can help yourself relax. This can help the operation to go very smoothly as you will not be scared of what is to come.

The operation is very safe, quick and painless. It has been being performed for nearly 20 years with very few problems and complications associated with it. There really isn’t a lot to worry about. During the operation you will not feel any pain, as your eye will be numbed and you will have been given a tablet to help you relax. After the operation you will be allowed home on the same day. Some people find that seeing the laser eye clinics and operating room before hand can help decrease any anxiety they may have. If you feel that this could help, please contact your local clinic who may also have some good ideas to help you.