I sometimes where Glasses, should I have Laser Eye Surgery?

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Laser eye surgery is often suitable for all people with all manner of visual defects, including myopia (short sight), hyperopia (long sight) and astigmatism. All types of prescription can be corrected, and the more severe your prescription determines which operation is best.

Laser eye surgery relies on the principle of being able to reshape your cornea by using a laser to vaporise it. The amount of corneal tissue that will need to be removed will depend entirely on the severity of your prescription. The more severe you prescription is, the greater amount of tissue will be removed. Conversely, if your prescription is very mild you may need very little taking off. As you wear glasses only part of the time it is likely that you will need very little tissue removed to correct your vision. Whilst this is advantageous in some aspects of the surgery, it can be a hindrance in others. If you imagine the maximum amount of corneal tissue that can be removed is the upper limit, there too must be a lower limit that can be safely removed. This is due to the thickness of tissue that can be removed by the laser beam. If you are very close to or on the lower limit, when the surgeon removes your corneal tissue it will be very hard to get the right amount to correct your vision. In some cases the surgery could even over correct your vision, leading to you developing the opposite of your current visual problem e.g. if you are myopic you will become hyperopic. Therefore if you have a low prescription, it is sometimes hard to get a noticeable outcome following surgery. You should contact a laser eye clinic, if you feel worried by it.

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