Will I have to take time off work, after Laser Eye Surgery?

Depending on the type of operation, you will be advised by your ophthalmologist as to how long you should take off work. Obviously if you are having the operation on a weekday you should take that day off. With some of the more invasive procedures such as LASIK you may need to take around 2-4 days off to help your eye heal well. Less invasive procedures may only require a day or so. The amount of time you should take off work also depends upon the type of job you do. If your job is physical you should take more time off than other less physical jobs. It is important that you take enough time off work to help you recover fully from the laser eye surgery operation. If you need more information before you decide how much time to take of work, please consult your ophthalmologist who will be able to advise you further.

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