Is it possible for my vision to be worsened following Laser Eye Surgery?

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Unfortunately this could be a problem however it is very unlikely. Laser eye surgery is a complicated process, involving a flap being made in the front of your cornea, usually with a special knife called a microkeratome. In some operations such as Intra-LASIK this is done with a laser as it can be safer and more accurate. Once the flap has been made, your ophthalmologist will begin to reshape your cornea with a special laser. The aim is to remove enough tissue to make your cornea a normal shape, which should hopefully correct the problem with your vision. In some circumstances, too much or too little of your cornea can be removed through no fault of your surgeon. If too little is removed your vision will be a little better than before you had the operation, but still not as good as 20/20. If too much was removed you will have the opposite problem than you previously did, i.e. if you could see at distance, you will now only be able to see well up close. If this happens, you will require further enhancement surgery to correct this. In some cases you may experience symptoms such as glare and starbursts following surgery, these occur at night and sometimes can be permanent.

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