What is a Laser, in Laser Eye Surgery?

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Lasers have been used in medicine for a while now, in everything from skin resurfacing to major types of surgery. They are completely safe and are usually controlled by computers, giving very accurate cuts.

Eye surgery is a very complex type of surgery that requires a high level of skill and expertise on behalf of your surgeon. The operation revolves around the use of a laser to reshape your cornea. The cornea is the front part of your eye and helps to focus images from your environment. When your cornea is the wrong shape it can cause problems with your vision, meaning that you need to wear glasses or contacts. To correct this, you can have laser eye surgery, which involves creating a flap in the cornea before a laser is used to reshape it. Once it has been reshaped you will be able to see normally again.

A laser can reshape the cornea by vaporising (removing) parts of it. It works by giving off very small bits of light that are very high energy in a beam. This high energy beam can then cut or remove bits of the cornea. It is very safe and can even be used to cut the flap in the cornea in the first place.

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