What will happen if something goes wrong with my Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a very technical operation and requires years of training to learn how to perform the surgery. As with all surgical procedures there is a risk of problems developing both during and after the operation. The likely hood that you will develop any problems is fairly rare. Even though problems are rare, you should understand that these can happen to you, so that you can be fully prepared should they arise.

The major problems following laser eye surgery are infection, dry eye, irritation and night time symptoms such as glare and starbursts, which all tend to subside over time. There is also the risk of your vision being under or over corrected following the procedure, meaning you will still be required to wear glasses or contact lenses. This will unfortunately require further surgery to correct. To help prevent you experiencing these problems, your surgeon will help you decide which operation is the best and most suited to you.

If something does go wrong with your eye surgery, if it is the fault of the surgeon or equipment, it is likely that you will be eligible to have the operation re-done. This is not the case if the procedure goes well, yet you find you need further surgery to correct your vision. This is called enhancement surgery and you will usually have to pay for it, unless it is included in the aftercare package. If something does go wrong, your surgeon will explain to you what has happened and why, followed by what they can do to make it better. If at any time you feel unsatisfied by your care you can complain, either directly to the laser eye clinic, or to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.