Ant Income Protection Insurance

Ant Insurance can give you the peace of mind that income protection insurance offers if something happens to you and you cannot receive your regular income. Loss of income can be due to illness, becoming unemployed or being injured. Ant provides an amount of money monthly that you can decide on, which is worked out based on your current salary. You are free to spend the sum however you choose whether it be debts, your rent or mortgage, bills, the choice is entirely yours.

How much does income protection insurance cost?

The amount you will pay all depends on the salary you currently earn. The most Ant will pay each month is £1500. Each individual claim provides up to 12 months payment. You may return to work or get a new job during this period, which also means the payments will stop. It is important to read the terms and conditions provided before making a decision and you can also get impartial advice about insurance from

Will I get income protection insurance straight away?

You will not receive any payment for four months after the start of the policy if you are made redundant. This is called the initial exclusion period that all insurance providers have when dealing with redundancy claims. There is also a waiting period, which is the amount of days you are off work continuously through accident, sickness or becoming unemployed. The waiting period is thirty days and if you are not off for this length of time continuously then you cannot make a claim. After this period is up, your money will be backdated to the beginning of the thirty days. You have a choice of increasing the waiting period by choosing an excess period up to 180 days. All options are provided and explained during the application process to find the right solution for you.

Can anyone receive income protection insurance?

There are a number of exclusions where they cannot accept claims. These include:

  • Voluntary unemployment
  • Work is temporary
  • Civil disruption
  • Contract violation
  • Misconduct or neglectful behaviour

There are other exclusions if you are self-employed, a contract worker, or work for a family member which are covered in the terms and conditions. There are certain illnesses and medical conditions that are also excluded from the policy including:

  • Having AIDS
  • A self-inflicted harm
  • Sickness or injury because of alcohol or drugs

There are also limitations in the terms and conditions relating to pre-existing medical problems such as:

  • Back problems
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mental disorders
  • Pregnancy and childbirth

A medical issue or illness that you knew about before the beginning of the policy, or something you have been receiving medical attention for 12 months prior to the policy would be termed a pre-existing condition.

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