Asda Money Life Insurance

Asda Money offers a wide range of private health insurance plans including Asda Life Insurance. Not only does Asda money offer competitive quotes, they also offer a free advice service if you have any questions about their products. Asda life insurance offers you peace of mind that if you do die or are critically ill, your family will be able to cover any financial costs. There are four life insurance protection plans:

  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Life Cover
  • Income protection
  • Critical Illness cover

Asda Life Insurance

This insurance plan pays one tax-free amount of money if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal condition. The amount of money given remains the same no matter when the life insurance holder passes away. This policy is normally taken out to provide financial help to your family after your death. It can be used for living expenses, funeral costs and anything your family would like to use it for. If this policy is taken out on it’s own without the critical illness cover then the money towards the policy remains the same.

Mortgage Life Cover

Asda Mortgage Life Cover can be taken out in order to provide protection for the mortgage you have secured against your home.  It is provided in order to keep your family living in your family home in you die. It provides a lump sum of cash to your family if you pass away during the policy period. If you choose this policy alone, then the amount you regularly pay remains the same but as time goes on the payout reduces the longer the policy length.

Income protection

Asda Income Protection offers financial support if you are too ill to work or get injured and are unable to work. They provide an amount of money each month to pay your bills tax-free offering peace of mind while you cannot earn money at work. 

Key benefits:

  • Pays part of your monthly income
  • It continues to pay until you return to work or retire
  • A waiting period is implemented, normally until the end of your sickness pay
  • It is paid every month and is based on a percentage of your salary (gross)

Critical Illness cover

Asda Critical Illness Cover offers a one-time payment to those who have a serious illness. It is a long-standing insurance policy and the payment provided is tax-free. It is able to help assist you with paying debts, bills and your mortgage as well as money to live on. There are a different set of rules for each policy they offer and the amount of money provided. A critical illness can be a heart attack, a stroke, certain kinds and stages of cancer and certain debilitating conditions.

If you are unsure which plan would suit your needs best, Asda Money provides free help and advise without any obligation to sign up for any of the policies.

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