Boots Dental Insurance

Private dental insurance is a dental plan offered to patients who use private dentists or NHS and are aged from 18 to 64. It includes a wide range of benefits including accident cover worldwide, oral cancer screening and treatment and accidental dental injuries.  Boots offers three different plans with a range of benefits.

Boots NHS plan

  • Cover starts from £9.75 per month
  • It only covers dental treatment performed on the NHS
  • There is 100% reimbursement of NHS charges up to the value of £500 annually on routine dental treatment.
  • There is also 100% reimbursement on emergency dental treatment up to £500.
  • You receive £100 a night up to £5000 per year for hospital visits.

You do not receive any cover for oral cancer treatment on the NHS plan.

Private Level 1

  • Cover costs £14.25 per person each month.
  • It covers NHS treatment and some private dental treatment.
  • For routine dental treatment you receive up to £750 towards NHS and private dental costs.
  • If you need emergency dental treatment you receive up to £1000 for worldwide dental injury costs.
  • For hospital visits you receive £100 per night up to £5000 over the year.
  • You receive £5000 towards oral cancer treatment.

Private Level 2

  • Each month you pay £20.25 per person
  • It covers dental treatment and a larger amount of private dental treatment.
  • For routine dental treatments you receive up to £1000 for private and NHS treatment.
  • If you need emergency dental treatment you can get up to £1500 towards treatment for your dental injury.
  • Hospital cash benefits are £100 per night and up to £5000 per year.
  • The plan offers £10000 towards oral cancer treatment.

The plans do not cover certain things such as some pre-existing conditions, cosmetic dental treatment, treatment for your appearance, dental implants and home visits which are not deemed an emergency, For more information and to get a free quote you can go to the boots website and get more help and information.

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