DG Mutual Sick Pay Insurance

DG Mutual specialises in income protection insurance for self-employed people. If you are self-employed and worry about paying bills and general finances if you are unable to work, DG Mutual offer a range of plans including sick pay insurance. DG Mutual is expert private insurers and has been established since 1927. One of their healthcare plans is sick pay insurance. They offer an insurance policy whereby they pay out a regular income if you are unable to work because of an injury or accident.

Sick pay for self-employed people

DG Mutual work specifically to offer self-employed people the opportunity to have sick pay cover if they are unfortunate enough to be injured, or have had an accident that stops them from working for a period of time. If you are self-employed you do not have sick pay from your employer to fall back on, so it is very important to seek help elsewhere and provide protection for yourself and your family if something should happen to you. They offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will be protected financially should you get sick.

Income protection plans

  • Constant Bond Insurance-This is paid out to at the very start of your injury or illness. You receive regular payments until you get better, retire or die.
  • Escalating Bond Insurance – This pays out regular payments as well but after the first 52 weeks the sum increases by 3% every year.
  • Deferred Constant Bond – This plan does not pay out straight away but after a deferred period of time that you can chose.
  • Reducing Bond – This is paid at the beginning of your sickness and then after 26 weeks it will decline in amount by 50%.

To claim for any of these plans you must be incapable of working in your current occupation or any other occupation you are trained to do. You must be between the ages of 16 and 50. Other benefits include:

  • £60-£1200 tax free paid each week
  • Money can be paid to your from the very start of your illness or accident
  • Covers up to 66% of net earnings before tax
  • Your final cash sum will not be reduced if you decide to claim

You can find out more about the plans on offer on the DG Mutual website and use their sick pay generator for a free quote.

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