Who Treats Sleeping Disorders?

If you have trouble sleeping or a specific sleeping disorder, treatment will depend entirely on what kind of sleeping disorder you are suffering from, and at what severity. Some milder sleeping disorders, e.g. Transient Insomnia, which only affects people for a couple of days, can be treated with your own self-help. By simply changing a few aspects of your lifestyle, establishing a bedtime routine, avoiding caffeine and so forth, you could soon be back to your old sleeping patterns.

Should your sleeping disorder be of a more severe nature and greatly affecting your waking life, a visit to the doctor may be needed. Here the doctor can prescribe you with various medications and dosages depending on what sleep disorder you are suffering from and its symptoms. Common medication for sleep disorders are Antihistamine’s and Antidepressants.

If these treatments are not the solution, you may be asked to visit a sleep centre, where you will undergo several different tests depending on your disorder. The technicians and nurses will monitor various different aspects of your sleep to assess what treatments are necessary. You may be asked to stay awake as long as you can to test your daytime wakefulness, or you may be left to nap, and you may be monitored overnight.

To find out more about treatment for sleeping disorders, read Diagnosing Sleep Disorders & Treating Sleep Disorders.

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