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Septoplasty is often combined with rhinoplasty to give the nose a full refurbishment, better known specifically as ‘septorhinoplasty’. Septoplasty is a medical procedure which operates primarily on the wall between the left and right side of the nose otherwise known as the ‘nasal septum’. Symptoms indicating that a septoplasty might be necessary are: breathing difficulties (in particular a blocked nose on one or both sides), sinus infections, headaches, facial pain or nose bleeds.

Depending on how central the nasal septum is breathing difficulties can occur. In approximately 80% of people, the wall is fractionally off-centre although most are unable to notice. In a few cases however where the septum is more dramatically off-centre breathing problems can arise and disrupt the nasal passageways and this is known medically as having a ‘deviated septum’. The septum can be damaged  or misshapen by accidents or be a congenital deformity, which is why some people feel it is necessary to undergo septoplasty. Often when septoplasty is performed to correct a breathing difficulty in this way, despite its correct technical name, the blanket phrase ‘rhinoplasty’ is still used as a generic term for all nose operations. In some cases still which combine the cosmetic aspects of rhinoplasty along with the medical purposes of septoplasty, the merged surgeries are collectively known as ‘septorhinoplasty’.

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