Benefits of a Vasectomy

Although there is an initial cost for the surgery (unless performed by the NHS), the cost of a vasectomy is generally quite low and this amounts to much less when considering the amount of money you may be saving by not having to buy different forms of contraception..

For the vast majority of men, this surgery is a permanent route to birth control and you will not need to worry about your partner becoming pregnant again. This often increases the enjoyment of sex knowing that the fear of pregnancy is not there.

A vasectomy is also quicker and can involve fewer complications than female sterilisation. During the procedure, you do not have to undergo a general anaesthetic during the operation, which significantly reduces the amount of risks involved.

The positive aspect of improved sexual activity is also something which men have reported as a benefit to the surgery.  The decreased sense of responsibility and fear of becoming pregnant during sexual intercourse is something which can ignite a sense of spontaneity and passion between a couple that perhaps may have been lacking.

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