Find Vasectomy Reversal Clinics & Vasectomy Clinics

If you would like a vasectomy search by town, county or clinic name. Note that there are only a select number of urologists offering vasectomy reversals in the UK. Contact a clinic, to find out if they offer a reversal procedure.

A change in circumstances can sometimes lead couples to change their mind about starting a family and you may be considering having your vasectomy reversed. This is a private treatment offered by some urologists at vasectomy reversal clinics.

If you are considering a vasectomy and would like to know more about the surgery, either private or NHS, you have a number of options.  If you wish to have the vasectomy through the NHS, you will simply have to go to your local doctor who will then refer you to the right people. However, if you are choosing to have the surgery through private healthcare, there are a number of trusted names. For any healthcare clinic it is important that you visit it first and ensure that you will feel comfortable having your surgery there.