Cost of a Vasectomy

Although the NHS does offer this surgery for free, this can often involve extremely long waiting lists and so some people prefer to pay for their vasectomy privately. Private clinics often have much shorter waiting times.

The cost of a vasectomy through a private clinic could be between £300 and £1000. If the cost is any lower it may be that the quality of the surgery is being compromised or the requested payment does not include other costs such as consultation fees, aftercare medication, nursing and anaesthetist fees.

Complications in a Vasectomy & Cost

Another important factor associated with the cost of a Vasectomy is what happens should complications arise. Most surgeons will offer a repeat procedure should the first surgery have failed in the short term, however some surgeons may not include this in the price. You also need to find out how long after the procedure you get the second one for free, so for example, if after 3 months you get pregnant, you are more than likely going to receive the repeat procedure for free, but what happens if after 6 months you experience an accidental pregnancy? Find out where the cut off is from short term to long-term failure.

As well as failure, you need to ensure that you are covered should complications of a more serious nature arise, for example infection or lump growth. The NHS will cover problems such as this but you need to be a little more careful with private healthcare.

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