Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation

Simply put, a vasectomy is cheaper, quicker and has fewer complications than a tubal ligation. It is completely normal to be nervous about a vasectomy, despite its simplicity and effectiveness however if you feel that you are too nervous to go through with it, it may be worth discussing alternative options such as tubal ligation with your partner.

Effectiveness of Tubal Ligation

Effectiveness for each technique are the same so there is no real difference in how well they work. It is important to remember though, that a vasectomy can sometimes be reversed, or at least the semen may be retrieved to allow IV treatment, whereas if a woman undergoes tubal ligation, there is no option to reverse the procedure and it really is permanent.

Failure of Tubal Ligation

The failure associated with a vasectomy is much lower – about one in every 2000 cases, whereas for women who have had tubal ligation, every 200 out of 300 cases are said to have failed. Some couples may choose to undergo both a vasectomy and tubal ligation. In this instance the failure rate is vastly decreased and there is a much lower chance of pregnancy.

Prevalence of Tubal Ligation

Data gathering techniques can often be unreliable due to lack of resources and time, however it is estimated that in the US, more women have tubal ligation than men, whereas in the UK, it is the other way around. One possible reason for women preferring to have the surgery is the convenience of having it done at the same time as giving birth. There could also be an element of trust as to whether the man definitely had the vasectomy.  Fear of surgery for either party is a strong factor in any decision.

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