Vasectomy Surgeon - Questions to ask

As with any surgeon you need to feel that you can trust them completely and that you are confident in their abilities. If you are intending to find a private practice surgeon to perform the vasectomy surgery, you need to make sure that they are well qualified and do the research yourself, whereas the NHS will ensure that all surgeons are accredited and qualified from the start of their employment. Some of these questions you may wish to ask an NHS surgeon anyway, to put your mind at ease.

  • Are you a fully accredited surgeon and how long have you been so?
  • How many years experience do you have?
  • How many vasectomies have you performed in the past?
  • Have you ever been accused of professional misconduct?
  • Are you currently under investigation for professional misconduct?
  • What is your rate of complications in a vasectomy?
  • What is your rate of effectiveness of a vasectomy?
  • What safety procedures are put in place to reduce risk?
  • Who will be in the room during the vasectomy procedure?
  • May I speak to any previous clients of yours?
  • What surgical technique will you opt for my vasectomy?
  • How much will the vasectomy cost in full?
  • What does the cost include, for example, aftercare medication? Support bandages?
  • Do I need to tell my partner about the vasectomy?
  • Will my partner need to co-sign the consent form?
  • How would you attempt to deal with post vasectomy pain syndrome should it arise?

The last question is something that a lot of people complain about post-surgery. They often say that they did not receive adequate advice and care for this condition and some people have been left permanently to deal with this problem by themselves. It is worth asking your surgeon or doctor how this would be dealt with and make sure that they have an action plan for any complications.

As with any surgeon, they should not be putting any pressure on you to undergo an operation or for you to decide on a surgeon quickly. It is also essential that a surgeon outlines the risks to you, if they do not, you may want to continue looking as they may be wishing to portray the operation in an overly optimistic light purely to obtain money from you with little regard for the quality of the surgery.

A number of surgeons will hold professional information on their experiences such as rates of success, photos of after the operation to show possible scarring and documents to show their credibility as a professional accredited surgeon. A lot of people prefer to go with the more experienced surgeon but this does not always mean that they are better.

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