Preparing for a Vasectomy

Prior to vasectomy surgery you should consider reading people’s individual stories. It is worth keeping in mind that the majority of vasectomies go well and most men are pleased with the results. This can be a valuable resource and often there are tips and advice on how to deal with the aftercare and any further problems. Your surgeon or doctor may provide you with real life stories of this kind and you can search the Internet.

On the Day of the Vasectomy

On the day of the surgery, your surgeon will advise you to clean your testicles and the surrounding area very well. You may be asked to shave before surgery.  It is useful to bring a supportive bandage or jockstrap with you for after the surgery. It is also a good idea to wear loose fitting trousers, as you can imagine after this surgery the last thing you want is pressure put on the area by tight trousers. As the procedure only takes a very short amount of time, it may be a good idea to arrange that someone comes with you. This will be good for personal support and to allow them to drive you home afterwards.

Arrangements Prior to Vasectomy  Surgery

Your surgeon will have informed you on how to prepare for the surgery but you should not take any blood-thinning mediation such as aspirin or ibuprofen up to two weeks before the surgery.

As one of the risks involved with this surgery is anxiety and worry, at having suddenly lost fertility, it can be useful for you to talk to a professional counsellor about the upcoming surgery and prepare mentally for any loss you may feel. These feelings can sneak up on you and it can help to have already talked to someone about the possibility of feeling depressed or upset.

If you have booked yourself in for a vasectomy, it is important to ensure that your work will allow you to take time off as it may take a while before you feel comfortable enough to go back to work, depending on your job. This can be tricky if you wish to keep your vasectomy a secret however if you would like to keep it to yourself, you can always tell your manager you are having surgery and do not wish to discuss the details. It may be useful to provide your work with a letter from your doctor to confirm that you will be undergoing surgery during this time.

Signing a Consent Form before a Vasectomy

By now you should have signed a consent form or you should be aware that you will need to. Providing you are in a long-term relationship, some surgeons will suggest that your partner co-sign the consent form. This may even be a requirement for some surgeons and it is worth finding out about this beforehand, especially if your partner is not particularly keen on you going through with the surgery. The consent form is there to protect you and the surgeon and to ensure that you are fully aware of what the operation entails and all the possible risks involved. Take the time to read through it all carefully.

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