Booking an Appointment for a Vasectomy

You will usually be able to find an appointment for a Vasectomy, within a couple of weeks of your consultation. As this is such a quick procedure, waiting lists are often short. Private clinics may offer booking via phone or online, however ensure that you have met and are happy with all the staff before doing this.

Before your appointment day you will often be called to check that you still wish to go ahead with the operation or whether you are having any doubts. This is much the same with any life changing surgery. It allows a ‘cooling off’ period to take place where you are free to think rationally before committing.

Remember that when your surgery day arrives it may be necessary for you to go in an hour or so beforehand if you are very nervous so that you can take sedatives which allow you to relax a little more. It might also be helpful for you to have someone with you while booking your appointment to ensure that they will be able to drive you to the hospital and are free to do so.

Finally, a lot of real life stories have reported that they had the surgery done at a doctors office because it is often seen as such a simple procedure and little training is needed to undertake this task. However, although most doctors are fully competent and procedures often go well, for extra piece of mind it may be helpful to do a little more research and ensure that you are seeing a professional surgeon/specific urologist.

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