Consultation for Vasectomy Reversal

A consultation is a place where you can find out more information about a vasectomy reversal, ask any questions you may have and decide whether the surgery is really for you. It is also a place for you to decide whether the surgeon you have chosen is right for you. The surgeon should explain to you what will happen during a procedure and outline the risks and benefits of the surgery.

The process for a reversal is similar to a vasectomy in that you will have to consult doctors and surgeons and have multiple consultations. The procedure is more complicated for someone who has undergone a vasectomy with a close-ended result rather than open-ended. This means both ends have been removed or tied instead of one. This is also the time to inform your surgeon or doctor of any allergies you may have and medication you may be taking.

Your Medical History

This is an area where you absolutely need to be completely honest with the surgeon involved. It is essential that they know any medications you have been on or are on, and previous health checks which have brought back problems and any allergies you may have. It may also be necessary for you to be clued up on any previous medical problems observed by male members of your family.

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