Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome

This is a possible after-effect of a vasectomy which affects a small percentage of men. It can begin immediately after a vasectomy or at any time afterwards, this means it can suddenly develop years after the surgery. Despite a large database of medical histories reporting post vasectomy pain syndrome, very little is known medically about the causes and treatments. In some cases further surgery involving removal of the testicles or a vasectomy reversal is effective at resolving the pain.

Surgery to try to correct the post vasectomy pain syndrome is considered as a last resort option and most doctors will attempt to prescribe antibiotics and painkillers. These have been reported to rarely work however, ruling out that it might be caused by an infection.

It has been suggested that a possible cause for PVPS is due to ‘rough’ surgery. This means that a perhaps, less experienced doctor, is not as precise during the surgery and may accidentally have cut a nerve or otherwise. It has been suggested that other causes are from scarring as a result of a vasectomy or due to an obstruction and swelling internally.

The PVPS pain usually presents itself through intercourse or ejaculation or both and is sometimes described as a constant dull pain in the testicles. Most doctors will warn you about this side effect but some will not as it is still not fully understood. Despite this, it is a very real risk and there are many attempts made to lessen the pain via a vasectomy reversal.

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