Recovery from a Vasectomy Reversal

Immediately after a Vasectomy Reversal

Following any operation under general anaesthetic, you will not feel at your best and will need to rest for a few days at least. As you begin to feel the anaesthetic wear off, you will be given painkillers by your surgeon or doctor. Just as with a vasectomy, it is advisable to bring supportive underwear with you and wear loose fitting clothes to ensure that no pressure is put on that area. Your stayat hospital depends on the extent of the surgery you have had. If you have undergone a more complicated procedure you may have to stay in the hospital over-night, as the surgeon will need to remove the tubes and bag, in which fluid has drained into.

After-care & Full Recovery from a Reversal Vasectomy

Needless to say, you will not be able to drive following this procedure and will need to arrange that someone pick you up to take you home. You should ensure that you already have bottled water and over the counter painkillers to aid your recovery. Consult your doctor before taking these to be certain however.

Make sure that you have taken enough time off work and are not engaging in strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. You can wash and bathe the area but remember to be very gentle and pat the area dry thoroughly. If you think there are signs of infection or you are worried about anything, do not hesitate to call your doctor or the surgeon. You should have been given a number to call in case of emergencies. You can return to having sex whenever you feel comfortable but you may be advised to wait at least two weeks to ensure that you are fully recovered.

Following the procedure, usually at monthly intervals or every couple of months afterwards, your sperm will be tested by the surgeon or clinic to see if the sperm has returned to the normal ejaculatory fluid and how fertile you are following the operation.

Returning to Work

With regards to when to go back to work, this is entirely up to you and how comfortable and able you feel. A surgeon will usually advise that you rest for at least a week and to make sure that no strenuous activity is undertaken for at least two weeks. This depends then, on the nature of your work too, it may be useful to talk to work about perhaps doing some lighter tasks.

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