Cost of a Vasectomy Reversal

A vasectomy reversal is rarely available on the NHS for reasons of simply wanting more children. However if you are suffering from severe pain or discomfort as a result of a vasectomy, it is worth going to your local doctor and asking about what services the NHS can offer.

The cost of vasectomy reversal in a private healthcare clinic is generally £2000-£3,000. IVF treatment or subsequent reversal procedures are not included in this price. If you are thinking about using a private clinic, the most common way to pay for surgery such as this is through personal savings.

If you took out insurance when you had a vasectomy and the reason for wanting a vasectomy reversal is due to post vasectomy pain syndrome, it may be the case that insurance can cover the extra surgery. Contact your insurance complany to find out the exact details of costs.

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