Reasons for a Vasectomy Reversal

The majority of men wanting a reversal have simply changed their mind as to wanting any more children. This happens a lot where a previous family unit has broken down and there may not be as much contact with their children anymore. Another reason for wanting a reversal could be due to the development of post vasectomy pain syndrome. A reversal has been known to reduce the pain in people suffering from this condition.

As with any surgery however it is important that you are realistic about what the procedure can offer. There is a very real possibility that having gone through the procedure and spent all the money on this, you will still be sterile. This is why it is essential that you are sure you are not being pressured into having this surgery by a new partner and that it is something that you really want too.

Wanting to Feel ‘Like Before’ a Vasectomy

A surprising number of vasectomy patients decide to get a vasectomy reversal so that they can go back to how their sex life was before the operation. Although a vasectomy should not physically affect your sex life, there are cases of men who nevertheless, do not feel the same after a vasectomy. One possible reason for this is that you are only ejaculating semen and not sperm, leading to perhaps a lessened feeling of relief after sex as before due to the sperm remaining in the testicles.

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